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Artist Biography

Jon Kyriacou A.K.A. Kaos started working at Wax City UK in the summer of 1991. After working at the shop for a bit, he started producing music in 1992 as one half of ‘Mega City 2’. Their first release, ‘Darker Side of Evil b/w London to Essex in 3 Hours’ was a huge hit being played by the likes of Micky Finn, Randall, and Ellis Dee. Mega City 2 produced 5 EPs - including ‘Demons By Daylight’, ‘Night Walker’, and Amazon. Kaos’s last track as Mega City 2 was ‘Prisoner Cell Block E . After this release, the duo went their separate ways as both wanted to do different styles of music. 


That's when Go Mental Records was born. The first release was in 1995, and after three releases,’ Died in your Arms’ was released on Hectec Records. 1996 also saw the launch of Raving Mad.  Hold Me Now was the first release and Radio ones John Peel's favourite record of 1996 which he played regularly on the Peel Sessions. Hold me now was the first-ever hardcore record to be played on Radio One. In 1997, 'Jump To This' won hardcore tune of the year at the Moondance Awards. Wax City also won record shop of the year for 1997. As a DJ, Kaos played all over the UK for some of the biggest promoters in the scene including Helter Skelter, Slammin' Vinyl, Hardcore Heaven, Moondance, and Vibalite. DJing also sent him traveling around the world. 


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In 2000, happy hardcore was on its knees. All the big promoters had either stopped booking hardcore altogether or had banished it into a back room. So Kaos and DJ Impact started Future Dance - to put happy hardcore front-and-center and create a revival. 


They found an unused venue called The Castle Film Studios in London and put on their first event. It was at this point that Impact decided to pull out of promoting, but Pete A.K.A. MC Ethos saved the day and took over the reins. Together Kaos and Ethos became a formidable duo, not only performing together but also putting on events. After five events at The Castle, the duo moved to Bagley’s in King’s Cross, putting on events there - as well as touring across the UK putting on events at the Coliseum and Camden Palace.


Kaos and Ethos saved the day back then. Fast forward 18 years, and we are back to shake things up again on the legendary SSU Recordings Imprint. Stay tuned!

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